Today, the A.G. Gaston brand is led by Walter Howlett, a protégé of Dr. Gaston, who has been a manager at our company since 1994.

In 2009, soon after becoming sole shareholder of A.G. Gaston Construction, Walter refocused the company, guided by what he felt were its most valuable assets, its two brand names: “A.G. Gaston” and “A.G. Gaston Construction. His first mission was to build on the company’s own experience in providing quality construction management and program management services. His second was to license the “A.G. Gaston” brand for its business enterprises without competing with the core business.

As a result, from September 2009 to December 2011, A.G. Gaston Construction pursued and won its bid to provide construction management and other related management to various clients like the Birmingham Airport Authority and the City of Birmingham.

This opened the doors for A.G. Gaston Construction to work with Saber Construction, Inc. and Keith Design LLP, two companies who would go on to license the brand name “A.G.Gaston.” Saber Construction, Inc., another Birmingham-based firm, primarily provided civil engineering services and construction management services while Keith Design was a Birmingham architectural and design firm. In 2010, both companies licensed the “A.G. Gaston” brand name for use in their respective businesses.

In 2012, A.G. Gaston Engineering, LLC (formerly Saber Construction, Inc.) integrated with A.G. Gaston Construction, allowing it to grow the scope and depth of its engineering expertise as well as add a new line of professional consulting services, water resources management planning and related project implementation.

Under Mr. Howlett’s leadership and guidance, the “A.G. Gaston” brand continues to honor its well-respected, humanitarian history while building the future not just one landmark at a time but one vision at a time whether through its clients or its other forward-thinking programs.